Seed fill augers

Seed fill augers

One of the big advantages of this SIGMA product is that because of the hydraulic motor that is mounted on the pipe it doesn’t require electric power to operate. The jointed conveyor tube is collapsible and the dumping angle is settable. It can be mounted on the back of any end dump trailer. To operate the hydraulic motor a pump with a minimum of 40 liters/min delivery capacity is required.

Can be controlled with a power machine (tractor) or a separate controlling device.

Delivery capacity depends on the type and moisture content of the material being transferred, the delivery angle and the performance of the power machine or the controlling device!

Technical specifications

Delivery capacity: 16-20 tons/hour

Pipe dimensions: 175 x max. 5000 mm

Drive: EPRM-80 hydraulic motor

Equipped with an angle-setting winch

Body mass: 70 kg

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